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Overall outcomes/objectives of iStoppFalls are as follows:

  Objective 1
iStoppFalls will help to reduce fall risk, and thus improve quality of life for the elderly living at home.

   Objective 2
iStoppFalls will offer improved fall prediction & prevention measures, and thus provide better assessment of fall risks for the elderly living at home.

   Objective 3
iStoppFalls will fit well inside basic daily behavioural (continuous sampling & repeated exercise sessions at home) and samples a lot of physiologic data by unobtrusive sensing (Xbox/Kinect & SMM).

   Objective 4
iStoppFalls will provide self-learning solutions with advanced reasoning, based on trend analysis over time and an underlying knowledge based system.

   Objective 5
iStoppFalls will provide advanced HCI technologies adjusted to the capabilities of elderly users (usability & accessibility).


 By meeting these objectives, iStoppFalls helps to tackle health & cost problems which will threaten European Societies in face of a vastly increasing proportion of ageing citizens. This in turn will generate impacts with substabtial benefits for the European Union to create feasible settings securing a high quality of life and independent living for their elderly citizens.



Societal or technological issues/needs 

Expected impacts 

Reduced Falls &
Improved QoL


Improved Health of Citizens &
Reduced Costs for the Society

Improved Quality of Life & Reduced Health Care Costs

Prediction & Prevention of Falls


Promoting better Fall Prediction, Prevention and Support 

Active & Healthy Lifestyle,
Improved measures of Fall Prediction/Prevention
& Reduced Falls  

Unobtrusive Sensing


Developing AAL technologies
which fits well inside basic
daily behaviour of elder citizens

Targeted support at home & secure independent living 

Advanced Reasoning


Optimized Support of Community-Dwelling
Older Adults in the EU

Proven concepts
for early detection
of ageing-related risks

Usability & Accessibility

Technology Design with Humans-in-the-Loop

Matching the capabilities
of elderly users

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iStoppFalls Gait Analysis Paper Published

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