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Kaasa solution GmbH was established in the year 2001. From 2005 to 2008 Kaasa was Taito’s European Liaison Office and games for mobile phones with titles such as ANNO 1701, ANNO 1602, Moorhuhn, Giana Sisters, Puzzle Bobble, Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Rainbow Islands and many more. In 2008 Kaasa handed over the mobile gaming business to Electronic Arts and is focussing on games publishing on console platforms such as the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS etc. and on smart phones (Iphone, Android, Windows mobile etc.). In 2008 Kaasa was accepted as Nintendo certified developer and launched the Commodore C64 Virtual Console with 18 games on the Nintendo Wii in Europe and in 2009 in the US.

Since its foundation Kaasa developed more than 35 commercially available games on console devices, mobile phones and smart phones. Kaasa is currently hosting several service sites for international mobile operators. In 2008 Kaasa developed an integrated IPTV media centre software with the integration of smart phones for one of the worlds biggest telecommunications company.

The newest “Physiofun” software series is concentrating on software for prevention and rehabilitation with the use of commercial available hardware solutions such as the Nintendo Wii with its Balance Board as well as the new Microsoft Kinect system. Commercially available are the “Balance Training” software for physiotherapists on the Nintendo Wii, “Left – Right Training” on various platforms (Web, Wii, DVD) for stroke patients based on mirror therapy and “Senso Move” which is a sensomotoric training software on several platforms for stroke patients. In development are software solutions for incontinence and pelvic floor training for several platforms.


Role in the consortium:

Kaasa will be responsible for and head all developments of the fall preventive exercise game, based on Xbox/Kinect. This will include all data management on the Xbox (data analysis and compilation will be done by linked IBV modules) and needed connections with the web.   

Furthermore Kaasa will be responsible for the handling, communications and all issues with the end-user group from Finland during pilot studies and in the main evaluation trial.


Key Personnel:

Nico Kaartinen
is Managing Director at Kaasa solution GmbH. He and his company has a long history in the development of digitally distributed computer games on various platforms such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web etc. He has been involved in the development of more than 40 titles throughout the last years.

Ulrich Schulze-Althoff
is the second founder of Kaasa. He is specialised in the development of health related software on consoles called “Physiofun” for the purpose of prevention and rehabilitation of patients. The latest titles are a professional “Balance Trainer” for the Nintendo Wii, “Sensomove” a sensomotoric software for stroke patients on various platforms e.g. web, iOS, Android, iTV, “camera games” a web camera game series for rehabilitation patients for various purposes, “Pelvic Floor Trainer” on the Nintendo Wii and various other titles.

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