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Primary Publications

Exploring user experience and technology acceptance for a fall prevention system: results from a randomized clinical trial and a living lab 0,9 MB
Kinect-based choice reaching and stepping reaction time tests for clinical and in-home assessment of fall risk in older people: a prospective study 0.8 MB
The design of a purpose-built exergame for fall prediction and prevention for older people 1.8 MB
ICT-based system to predict and prevent falls (iStoppFalls): study protocol for an international multicenter randomized controlled trial 1.6 MB
ICT-based system to predict and prevent falls (iStoppFalls): results from an international multicenter randomized controlled trial 0.6 MB
The effect of sensor-based exercise at home on functional performance associated with fall risk in older people - a comparison of two exergame interventions  0.6 MB 
A Kinect and inertial sensor-based system for the self-assessment of fall risk: a home-based study in older people. 
Correction of Joint Angles From Kinect for Balance Exercising and Assessment 1.0 MB
Digital Game Aesthetics of the iStoppFalls Exergame
Towards a Light-Weight Query Enginge for Accessing Health Sensor Data in a Fall Prevention System 0.4 MB
Wearable pentant device monitoring using new wavelet-based methods shows daily life and laboratory gaits are different.  3.8 MB 
Eight weeks remote monitoring using a freely worn device reveals unstable gait patterns in older fallers. 0.6 MB
New methods to monitor stair ascents using a wearable pendant device reveals how behavior, fear, and frailty influence falls in octogenarians. 0.6 MB
Kinect-Based Five-Times-Sit-To-Stand Test for Clinical and In-Home Assessment of Fall Risk in Older People.  0.2 MB 
Flow experience of older adults using the iStoppFalls exergame
0.4 MB 
New methods for fall risk prediction 0.2 MB
Choice Stepping Reaction Time test using Exergame technology
for fall risk assessment in older people
0.2 MB
A Fall Preventive iTV Solution for Older Adults 0.5 MB
A new approach for personalized fall risk prediction & prevention:tailored exercises, unobstrusive sensing & advanced reasoning 0.2 MB
A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of Home-Based Step Training in Older People Using Videogame Technology
0.3 MB
Motivating Elderly People to Use Fall Preventive Exercise Training Games at Home: Are Community Based ICT Features Always a Good Choice? 0.1 MB
Digitales Spielen – Exergames im Vergleich mit traditionellen Trainingsformen bei Älteren 0.1 MB
A Multifactorial Approach to Understanding Fall Risk in Older People 0.2 MB
A novel Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) system for in-home training of stepping ability 0.3 MB
A Novel Video Game–Based Device for Measuring Stepping Performance and Fall Risk in Older People 0.6 MB
Sit to Stand Transfer Detection and Power Analysis 0,4 MB
iStoppFalls Living Labs: Putting fall preventive technology in older adults’ homes – lessons learned from our elderly co-creators 0,2 MB
A body-fixed-sensor-based analysis of power during sit-to-stand movements 0,6 MB
Interactive Videogame Technologies to Support Independence in the Elderly: A Narrative Review

0,3 MB


Background Publications

ICT-Development in Residential Care Settings: Sensitizing Design to the Life Circumstances of the Residents
0.4 MB
A Physiological Profile Approach to Falls Risk Assessment and Prevention 1.3 MB
Determinants of disparities between perceived and physiological risk of falling among elderly people 0.2 MB
The Development and Validation of a Brief Performance-Based Fall Risk assessment tool for use in Primary Care
0.3 MB
A new system for postural control assessment in patients with visual conflict 0.3 MB
Enhancing Interaction Spaces by Social Media for the Elderly 1.0 MB
Sports over a Distance 0.5 MB
Steps toward a Living Lab for SocialMedia Concept Evaluation and Continuous User-Involvement
0.2 MB
Jumping between Devices and Services: Towards an Integrated Concept for Social TV 1.6 MB
Comparison of Functional Regression and Nonfunctional Regression Approaches to the Study of the Walking Velocity Effect in Force Platform Measures
0,1 MB
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iStoppFalls Subgroup Analysis Paper Published

10. July 2017:    Data from the iStoppFalls subgroup analysis have been published in the International Journal of Human Computer Studies (IJHCS), which is available here: Analysis of...  more ›

iStoppFalls Gait Analysis Paper Published

31. March 2017:    Data from the iStoppFalls gait analysis have been published in the International Journal of Geriatric Gerontology, which is available here: Comparison between...  more ›